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Why You Need a Nurse to Write Your Healthcare Content

A nurse copywriter working on content for a healthcare blog.
Image: Unsplash | National Cancer Institute

Today's healthcare industry is filled to bursting with competition. This means the tiniest edge can put your practice or service ahead.

When it comes to marketing, digital content is king in the healthcare space. This includes blog posts, social media, email, and much more.

What could be better than healthcare content written by someone intimately familiar with the field?

(Spoiler alert: that's a trick question!)

In 2018, Google changed its ranking algorithm to prioritize content with high authority and trustworthiness (see also: written by professionals). Since then, demand for healthcare content written by nurses, doctors, and other credentialed providers has skyrocketed.


Because high-quality content written by a nurse is more likely to rank atop the SERP than identical content written by an average person.

Of course, that isn't the only benefit.

Let's look at a few more reasons why you should be hiring nurses to write your healthcare content.

Nurses Know Your Industry

Day in and day out, nurses keep the healthcare industry afloat. They are the core of both inpatient and outpatient settings. No facility or treatment center could operate without nurses.

Meanwhile, nurses work in a variety of different fields and specialties. From pediatrics (my personal specialty) to surgery and psychology to geriatrics.

Regardless of what your business is doing in the healthcare space, there is a nurse out there with insider knowledge. Few other demographics can say the same.

Imagine trying to find an accountant that is not only good at what they do but also knows the ins and outs of your field. Sure, you can do it. That person would be a huge asset to your team. But finding the needle in the haystack is a challenge.

When it comes to finding freelance nurse writers you won't have a hard time.

Especially because you're reading one's blog right now.

Jokes aside, more and more nurses are turning to freelance writing to supplement their income or move their careers away from the bedside. For your healthcare business, this is a trend to take advantage of.

Nurses Get Higher SERP Rankings

Google's search algorithms are always changing. However, one constant is the goal of delivering relevant, trustworthy content to users.

So, how does Google determine the Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E.A.T.) of a page?

That isn't a simple question to answer.

But it is clear that bylines play an important factorespecially in the healthcare space.

Content written by professionals with credentials behind their name (like RN-BSN) is more likely to rank highly on the SERP.

To be clear, it isn't just about the byline. Your site's ranking potential is affected by the type of content you publish, the overall quality, and how it is linked to other high-authority pages on the web. Of course, if all of your site content is written by a credentialed professional, that has a positive impact on its authority as a whole.

But that's not even the best part. Nurses are experts when it comes to education and communication.

Healthcare content written by a nurse is:

  • More informative than generic content

  • Easy to understand for everyday readers

  • Well-researched and fact-checked

  • Written from experience, not just research

  • Thorough and well-written

Build Trust with Your Audience

In the healthcare space, trust is everything. Your patients are counting on you to deliver excellence with every interaction and provide them with the best care possible.

Their expectations of your content are no different.

If your blog or newsletter shares information about medical conditions or offers advice on managing one's health, it needs to be accurate. While all writers are able to do research, not all of them are knowledgeable about your subject matter.

As discussed, health education is a huge part of a nurse's role on a daily basis. Nurses are also well-versed in a wide variety of health conditions and wellness topics. This means they excel at telling people how to live healthier lives and helping them understand complex medical conditions.

A nurse writer brings a wealth of experience and knowledge when discussing topics like:

  • Medical conditions (ie. heart disease, diabetes, cancer)

  • Wellness promotion (healthy eating, exercise, safe dieting)

  • "When to seek care" articles

  • Health awareness (ie. breast cancer screenings, skin cancer prevention, safe sex)

  • Understanding healthcare (ie. "What is an MRI?" or "What to expect while giving blood?")

Ultimately, a nurse writer's experience translates into content that delivers more value to your readers. This, in turn, leads to more shares, more likes, and more repeat visitors.

If you're operating a brick-and-mortar practice or clinic, you'll benefit from increased trust and visibility within your patient demographic. Nurses who understand SEO can also help your site rank higher in local markets to bring more traffic through your doors.


Hiring a nurse writer means offering your patients better content. Since readers are more likely to trust content written by someone with credentials, this is a great way to build authority for your brand or clinic.

Whether you're a major hospital network or a one-office primary care provider, having reliable educational content is a must.

Hiring a nurse to write that content is one of the easiest (and best) decisions you can make.

Doing so will build trust among patients, drive your pages to the top of the SERP, and lead to more traffic through your doors.


Got a healthcare content project you want to work on? Get in touch today for a free consultation and start delivering better content to your patients!



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