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Check out the latest from my new WIP...

I'm working on a new fantasy novel as part of the NaNoWriMo 2022 event! 

This space is dedicated to tracking my progress and sharing it. I plan to provide regular updates on my novel and the writing process. Hopefully it will be helpful for other writers or maybe be a source of inspiration. 

Plus I can pretend that I have a legion of fans waiting to hear my every word. Well, you're reading this, right?

If you want to buddy up on NaNo, you can find my profile here.


Shoot me a buddy request and let's support each other!

About the Project

There's not too much to say right now. Here are a few quick facts about the novel I'm working on for NaNoWriMo 2022: 

  • It is a young adult fantasy novel

  • The setting is the "mysterious desert land" always referred to in fantasy books. This time, we're starting there and looking the other way

  • The main character is Saya, a 16-year-old who possesses magic that is banned in the empire her parents rule

  • The story draws inspiration from Middle Eastern and Egyptian folklore and mythology, though is set in a unique world not tied to our own

  • Some of the creatures you'll encounter include the blood-sucking Anze, sand zombies, a wise sphinx, the ferocious roc, and many more

Want a synopsis? I got you. 

Below is the very first iteration of the synopsis posted to my NaNo profile. 

"Saya's world is upended when the magic powers she's been taught to fear save her life from a mysterious sandstorm that kills her family and leaves their empire in shambles.

Betrayed by her only surviving relative and haunted by a powerful dark force, she must learn to navigate her powers and a changing world.

A newfound ally from another world and a tormented wraith with the knowledge of generations stand with her in a desperate attempt to stop The Darkness from engulfing the world."

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

Want to get a feel for the novel without reading a word? Well, too late, you've already ready about 500 on this page. 

But now you are relieved. 

Check out this Pinterest board with some of my inspiration for the novel so far!

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