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Writing is my passion. 

I’ve been doing it since before I can remember. With more than five years of professional writing experience, you could say I know a thing or two. Whether you need engaging content for your brand or are looking for tips on freelancing, my words turn ideas into action

I've written for clients like Chegg, The Journal of Urgent Care Medicine, Sourceability, and countless small businesses around the world. In all, my writing has been seen by millions of readers. I'd love to add yours to the list. 

I am also a practicing registered nurse. As such, I bring a unique perspective and industry knowledge to the table when writing for clients in the healthcare space.


Finally, I'm the lead editor over at Bolt the Bird, a growing community for fans of Magic: The Gathering. 

Want to get to know me better? Give me a follow on Twitter for random musings, memes, and a whole lot more.

Fun Facts

  • I live in the snowy, desolate land of Northeast Ohio

  • I am a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings

  • My favorite sports teams are the Philadelphia 76ers and Denver Broncos

  • I'm a competitive Magic: The Gathering player and enjoy collecting too much cardboard

  • Two desserts I'll never turn down: cookies and ice cream

  • I have an extensive army of Lego people and nerdy trinkets on my desk

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